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고객의 맞춤서비스로 고객만족을 넘어 고객감동을 실현하겠습니다



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작성자 Nola
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The partner program offers several options for cooperation in donaldtrump cc+donald cvv realization, Hacking and Sniffing.
We are looking for several partners to work with.'s team has over 10 years experience in credit card gathering from own sources and partnership programs.
There are special conditions for donaldtrumpcvv our regular partners such as payment in advance i.e. the forecasted profit may be received instantly.
Full support cycle is provided by professional administrators and hackers, and could include follow options besides the quick and honest selling of СС: WebShell upload, Sniffing, Code Fixing, Root Access and etc.
A convenient sniffer's admin panel, various codes on PHP / JS are suitable for any tasks. Direct forms, iframes, redirects are accepted.
Our support team is working hard 7 days a week without holidays and unforeseen circumstances.

We offer stable wages from 70 to 90 percent in favor of the seller (our fee is from 30% to 10% and depends on the volume of the CC
and the percentage of validity, as well in most cases we take care of acquiring costs).
All sellers have an access to real-time detailed statistic.
If you have unsold CC in other shops we are ready to speed up the selling process by our forces.
The daily stable growth of active customers in is 250-300.

- RU / EN speech
- 30% and above valid rate
- Only first-hand CC


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